Back in the Saddle Again

Shackleford Pony
Shackleford Pony 30×30
Shackleford Pony recently won first place July 15, 2017 at Carolina Artist Gallery show “Wild Horses of Shackleford Banks”. The show is up until a week after Labor Day.
Pat & Miss-Ty

Pat and Miss-Ty Sold

I have been painting horses of late. Of course they were my first love and time in front of the easel has been good.  “Pat and Miss-Ty (36 x 24) was a commission.


Well, its been a long time since I have updated. There have been many constraints to my getting into the studio, but I am thankful and  happy to say that I have managed quite a bit despite them. Now we are starting into the Holiday Season. I’m asking Santa for more Studio Time for the rest of this year and all of 2017. As Leonard Cohen said,

“Ring the bells that still can ring…Forget your perfect thing…There’s a crack in everything…That’s how the light gets in.”

My thankful list is awesomely long.

Wishing peace and joy to all.


Spring is here!

I have been painting pirates and landscapes and portraits! I am inspired by everything this time of year and can’t wait to climb the stairs to the studio. My goal is to concentrate on the aspect of “play” with my work. I am accepting no commissions at this time and will be letting my creative spirit re-bloom…painting for MYSELF!  2015 was a difficult year, it is time to have some fun!



Tracy has had a major change in her life!  Most of 2015 was consumed with the moving process from Burlington, NC to her now permanent home in the beautiful coastal town of Beaufort, NC. Months of downsizing with multiple trips back and forth to Beaufort left no quality painting time. The good news is that she has a beautiful space in which to paint now that she is finally “home” in Beaufort. Stay tuned for updates!

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Artist is in the Studio

Tracy Huley is in the studio producing life inspired paintings. Well, at least that is where she should be! Spring is in the air and right now she is looking elsewhere outside the box (studio) for inspiration. No need to look far!!!