2019 is Here!

Welcome to my site and thanks for visiting.

For any of you who visit my site regularly, please accept my apologies for the lack of posts, both written and of pictured new works. My goal is to do a much better job in 2019. Of course, I would rather be painting than typing, but I have been reminded that keeping my website up to date has more importance than I have been giving it.

To go back in time, I will say that my show in August at Mattie King Davis Gallery was a huge success and very very fun! Currently I have work hanging in The Spouter’s Inn Restaurant & Bakery (thespouterinn.com) in Beaufort, Picasso Gallery in Graham, NC (alamancearts.org) and of course in Mattie King Davis Gallery (beauforthistoricsite.org) in Beaufort. My studio inventory is low at the moment, but that is actually good news.

I hope to be updating my site a bit soon. Until then, Happy New Year!