About the Artist

Tracy grew up in Arlington, VA, with summers and weekends spent in Maryland on the Chesapeake Bay. She received her formal art education at Yorktown HS (Art Honor Society) and at Radford College. After marriage to the love of her life, painting took a backseat to working and raising a family.  When she did return to painting, it was to classes with Mebane NC artist and instructor Jill Troutman, who introduced her to acrylic paint. She now uses both acrylic and oils – sometimes on the same piece. She continues to take the opportunity to study with other artists. Workshops with David Nance, Barbara Flowers, Mary Whyte (watercolor), Angela Nesbit, Kate Worm, Mike Rooney, Jim Carson, and others have all influenced her art.

Tracy is a member of the Alamance County Arts Council, Carteret County Arts Council, and Craven Arts Council.  Her work can be seen in Graham, NC, in ‘Picasso’s Gift Gallery’ (located at the Alamance County Arts Council), and in Beaufort, NC, at ‘The Mattie King Davis Art Gallery’.

Artist Statement

The flow of line, the value and intensity of colors that make a painting come to life, the play of lights and darks that either add drama or calmness to a painting, are all fleeting. I paint in the attempt to “get down” on canvas things that make me go “Ahhhh!”. The painting process uses so much attention that hours can go by without me even realizing – it is like being on another planet sometimes…a truly wonderful and remarkable feeling.  

A painting is successful for me when it captures the essence of what first inspired me to paint it or when I have learned something new during the painting process.